The fun of Babysitting Queenstown!

Jess at QWA Event

The building blocks of top quality childcare

Pin the tail on the donkey

Christmas fun for all ages. Pin the nose on Rudolph

Lucy w 4 sitters v2

All sitters in our team are hand picked for their bubbly and outgoing nature, while also being committed to keeping your child safe.

Pass the parcel

Pass the parcel will be sure to keep your children entertained for hours!


Face painting and play dough! Your child will always be engaged and safe with Babysitting Queenstown

Conference childcare

Conference childcare - out and about anywhere!

Siobhain with Richie_edited

Extensively screened, outgoing babysitters.

Anna & Kora

Babies love bubbles!

Sitters at Skyline FUN

Ready to board the Skyline Gondola for an evening of conference childcare fun!

Safety First

All Queenstown Babysitters are first aid current and carry first aid kits.

Fun in Queenstown!

We do the activities so we know exactly where to take the children to have Queenstown fun!

Queenstown Babysitters

Top Quality Childcare for your precious ones.

Out and about

Fun at Cookie Time Queenstown!

Queenstown Conference Childcare

With the boys on the Shotover Jet!

Fun times!

Lunch at Sombreros Queenstown for a conference childcare group.

Face painting

Fun activities with Queenstown Babysitters.

Toddler fun

Fun for all ages, at the K Jet Underwater Aquarium.


Hairdressers at work with Queenstown Babysitters.

Rainy day activities?

Thrill Zone fun! A must for all families.

Wedding Babysitters

Wedding babysitters. Flexibility to suit your requirements on the big day.

*Parents consent has been obtained for all images involving children