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Expert in childcare Lucy Deuble buys Babysitting Queenstown

I'm so excited to have bought this incredible Queenstown business! To celebrate, here's a press release all about me and why I made this exciting career move:

Lucy Deuble is Queenstown, New Zealand’s, newest business owner after purchasing Babysitting Queenstown. With over 11 years of childcare experience, Deuble saw the purchase as a natural progression of her career, especially as she worked as a sitter for the last three years with the business.

“I’ve studied and worked in childcare almost all of my professional life, and I always wanted to be a business owner in an industry I loved,” said Lucy.
“When the previous owner of Babysitting Queenstown said she wanted to spend more time with her family, it was the perfect chance for me to pursue my business dream.”

Having worked in the business as well as for Real Journeys before the purchase, Lucy was able to establish meaningful relationships with existing staff which has cemented a positive, inspiring culture.

“Almost all of the previous staff stayed on as I took ownership, and after hiring two additional sitters, the agency now has a combined total of over 50 years in childcare experience,” said Lucy.

After buying the business just three weeks ago, Lucy has already added a fresh perspective thanks to her extensive history in the industry. Deuble studied Children Services at the Australian College for Childcare Career Options, and went on to work in nurseries, day cares, and other babysitting institutions. Before buying Babysitting Queenstown, Lucy’s career highlight was her role as Head Coordinator for an outside school care center in Queensland, Australia, catering to 75 children.

Babysitting Queenstown sitters keep kids engaged and safe

“The new Babysitting Queenstown ensures every parent has as much information as they need to feel comfortable with our services and the sitter. We’re here for the parents as much as for the kids!”

Armed with over a decade’s worth of childcare experience, and a fierce passion for keeping children engaged, entertained and safe, Lucy is the symbol of a new era in childcare for this resort town.

“Queenstown is the adventure capital of the southern hemisphere and traveling with children doesn’t mean parents have to miss out on all these fantastic experiences!
That’s why I always ensure my babysitters are highly experienced and first aid certified. This helps to ease the minds of any parent eager to explore our wonderful town.”

As the fresh face of reliable and safe childcare in Queenstown, Lucy Deuble promises your children are in the hands of the most experienced, professional and extensively vetted sitters in the region. Whether you need a babysitter for a night, or a nanny for a week, Deuble can match you and your children with the perfect childcare professional in her database.

“Every child is special and unique, and so is every parent. I match each family’s personalities and preferences with babysitters that will give them the tailored childcare experience they deserve,” said Deuble.

Deuble’s extensive experience and her fresh energy has shaken up the childcare industry in Queenstown. Helping parents from around the world relax and enjoy the resort town while their children are in safe hands.

Discover Babysitting Queenstown's childcare options now!

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