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Queenstown Wedding Season is in Full Swing - Top 5 tips for having children at a wedding…or not!

Did you know Babysitting Queenstown also offers some fantastic on-site and off-site childcare options for happy couples travelling to Queenstown for their destination wedding. We know that this very special day can be a tad stressful at times, so we have put together these handy tips for anyone planning a wedding in Queenstown. Let us make your special day as seamless as possible. After all you have much more important things to do, like living happily ever after! ;)

Top Tip #1: On-site group childcare is always an option!

Wedding season is upon us in Queenstown, and we understand how crazy planning weddings can be and even attending them! Entertaining kids at a wedding is up there with one of the biggest dilemmas soon-to-be-married couples face when planning their big day. Adults want to let loose, have some fun without the stress of worrying about the children. That is where Babysitting Queenstown comes into play, we offer on-site care and supervision for the group of children at the wedding. We can tailor an all inclusive package to suit your children's ages, complete with games, toys, books and sleeping equipment.

Tip #2: How about a Kids only reception?

Take on-site childcare one step further. We have an idea for you! Do a lot of your friends have kids? Maybe you don’t want to exclude kids from your wedding but you do want the adults to still have a blast! Babysitting Queenstown can help you throw a mini “reception” just for the kids. How fun is that?! We have partnered up with some of the best children’s activity providers in Queenstown including The Paint People, The Glamping Party Company, Silent Disco, and Rockababy Rentals. We will create a mini party for the kids in a separate area, with our sitters on hand to provide the party vibes in a safe environment. You can add in toys, activities, games, a face painting station and even a silent disco party! Just let us know your preference and we can arrange accordingly.

Tip #3: Always include a quiet area for sleeping.

If you decide to have kids at your wedding, try to include a separate quiet area for the children to sleep and rest. You can use our babysitting services to manage this area while the adults are living it up. We can even have the area kitted out with the perfect cots and cribs for the children's ages provided by Rockababy Rentals. We’ll ensure our highly experienced sitters create a seamless schedule for the group, ensuring all tots are in bed and fed aligning with their current routines and schedules.

Tip #4: One on One care for adults only weddings.

If the wedding is an adults only event, Babysitting Queenstown offers a one on one tailored babysitting experience for individual families. This gives you an opportunity to have a great night, and know your children are in safe hands all in the comfort of your accommodation. All of our babysitters are police vetted, first aid certified and liability insured. We know that your children are your world and need to be left in the best care possible! Babysitting Queenstown will make this happen and ensure your kids will have a great time, maybe even more fun than you ;) When sending out your wedding schedule, its a great idea to include a link to our website so your guests know there is a service they can trust in, recommended by the wedding party.

Tip #5: Private chauffeur for your kiddies.

For when children are invited to the ceremony but not the reception. Queenstown is a relatively small area, and most wedding venues are only a short drive away from accommodation providers. So we offer a service where your babysitter can collect the children from the venue and take them safely back to the accommodation where they can provide one on one care as mentioned in Tip #4. *Appropriate child restraints must be fitted by the parents in the sitters car.

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