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Top 5 Activities Babysitters can do with Children in Queenstown

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Your kids will love spending time with Babysitting Queenstown’s skilled and vetted sitters and nannies thanks to the incredible activities they can do together right here in Queenstown. Whether we’re burning off some energy on the trampolines or letting our imaginations run wild through the stories at the Kids’ Corner of the library, Babysitting Queenstown childcare professionals keep your little ones safe, engaged and entertained while you enjoy this special mountain resort town.

1. Get Bouncy at Site Trampoline

What do you call a sheep on a trampoline? A woolly jumper.

Jumping on the world’s biggest, bounciest trampolines is one of the most exciting activities kids can enjoy in Queenstown with their babysitter. At Site Trampoline, located in Frankton near Remarkables Park, kids can bounce from one tramp to another in the trampoline park or fly high on the huge super tramp. Even if they have never jumped on a trampoline before, kids of all ages and abilities will love Site. This Queenstown activity provides lots of fun and giggles, but it also has developmental benefits as well! Jumping helps develop your kiddo’s motor skills, body awareness and balance. If your little one is a bit nervous, they can start by jumping straight into the comfy foam pit with their babysitter right by their side.

Site employs trained trampoline coaches and boasts a big list of safety rules that all jumpers have to follow, in order to help your kids have the best, safest day on the trampolines. There’s a convenient viewing platform so babysitters can keep a constant eye on your little ones at all times. They even have special sessions on Tuesday and Friday from 9am to 10:30am where they open exclusively for Mini Bouncers - 5 and under!

2. Flex your mind muscle at Escape Quest

What do you get when you cross a thought with a light bulb? A bright idea!

Located in the heart of Queenstown’s CBD, Escape Quest allows your little ones to solve puzzles, riddles and themed games alongside their babysitter. While you’re off sipping one of Central Otago’s best pinots, your little one can hunt for clues to help solve one of countless themed puzzles to ‘escape the room’ and crack the game. Escape Quest is Queenstown’s version of the popular Escape Room activity, with all the games centered around a historical theme of Otago’s Gold Rush era, so your little one will learn as they problem solve.

Escape Quest puzzles are mostly suited to kids aged between 7-14, but little ones often enjoy tagging along to help their older siblings. Anyone under 7 can join the fun for free! Each game room can accommodate two to five players, so keep that in mind as your babysitter will need to accompany the kids on their escape. Games last 60 minutes and though all the games are in English, you don’t need to know it perfectly in order to crack all the puzzles.

3. Play your way through the Odyssey Sensory Maze

What did one eye say to the other? Don’t look now, but something between us smells.

Queenstown’s Odyssey Sensory Maze will wow the kids as they play their way through a maze of different rooms that will have their senses on overdrive. It typically takes about 20 - 30 mins to get all the way through but there's no time limit, so it's a good option if you're only out on a half or full day tour. Odyssey is based on Shotover Street, so you can combine it with a few others on the list to make a full day of fun!

As they work their way through, your little ones and their babysitter will encounter some physical obstacles, optical illusions, lighting and sound effects, scents and strange sensations. The sensory maze is suitable for ages 8 and up and your Babysitting Queenstown sitter will accompany them through, however they invite enquiries for younger children to determine if they are safe to join in.

4. Burn off some energy at Thrill Zone

Why did the chicken get a penalty? For fowl play.

Babysitting Queenstown sitters can bring your kidlets to Thrill Zone to burn off that energy and prevent cabin fever! Thrill Zone is a new age playground with a 12D motion theatre, laser tag, 360° drift karting, paintless paintball, bazooka ball and virtual reality games. If your kids love playing games on a screen, they’ll absolutely love trying one of Thrill Zone’s incredible interactive activities like the 12D motion theatre where their senses will be tickled by the likes of snow, rain, fog and speed. Choose your own adventure from options like roller coasters, haunted houses, alien exploration or the land of the dinosaurs. They have options for all ages!

If screens aren’t your kids’ idea of fun, the 360° drift karting will get some giggles out of them. They can drive their rig like a normal go kart or let loose on 360° drift mode where they can drive and drift forwards, backwards, diagonally and sideways! The bazooka ball game is a great alternative to the paintless paintball that uses foam balls for a spot of painless combat. Your little ones will have a fun and safe time with their Babysitting Queenstown sitter or nanny as they help them navigate the exciting games and activities that Thrill Zone has to offer.

5. Let your imagination run wild at the Queenstown Library Kids' Corner

Why was the dinosaur afraid to go to the library? His books were 65 million years overdue.

Queenstown’s public library is also centrally located, just next to the rugby field in town. It's home to a fun, inclusive Kids' corner where your little ones can learn and play. No matter how old your kids are, they’ll love the welcoming feel of Queenstown’s library. Your babysitter can help them find a book they’ll love to read, can read to them, or they can practice together. They can also solve one of the many wonderful puzzles available. Really little ones will love the chance to play with the building blocks and explore the pages of the infant books the library provides for free.

Babysitting Queenstown sitters and nannies have plenty of options to keep your kids entertained and stimulated with all that Queenstown has to offer. It's no secret that Queenstown has its fair share of rainy days and as a bonus, all of the above activities are perfect for any weather! Whether you’ve booked an activity away from the kids for a few days or you’re simply heading out for a few hours to explore Queenstown and surrounds, Babysitting Queenstown sitters keep your children safe and active while trying some of the town’s best activities.

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