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Top 5 Reasons to Travel to Queenstown in the Shoulder Season

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Travel Smarter & Cheaper in Queenstown

Top 5 Reasons to Travel to Queenstown in the Shoulder Season

As said by the locals: Peak Season is June-September and December- mid-April

Off-Peak Season October-November & end April - May

Doesn’t hurt your pocket as much

When travelling during the off-peak season, we see a decrease in rates amongst most of the accommodation providers as well as activity operators. Low prices and great deals are always on offer, you’ll find your airfare is even much cheaper. In the shoulder season months, Queenstown just gets that little bit quieter, therefore accommodation and activity providers are rapidly trying to fill their vacancies. This is a great time to travel to Queenstown especially with families as there are fewer people and lower prices for most everything!

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Avoid the Crowds

To keep your sanity and not be overwhelmed by massive crowds and queues, do yourself a favour and travel to Queenstown in the off-season. Especially if you are planning on visiting places like Milford Sound, Lake Tekapo and Mount Cook (to name a few of the hot destinations to see). Treat yourself to a peaceful and uninterrupted holiday to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Making sure that selfie of you and your family is in fact, only of you and your family; no lingering strangers in the background! And if Mum and Dad need a wee rest from the kids and family, you can always book a babysitter with us, head to our website and check out our services!

Local Hot Tip! Have a read of this awesome article posted by vice.com on Where to Hang Out in Queenstown; According to the Locals... Guaranteed crowd-free fun.

Not too hot, not too cold

During the shoulder season, you are just missing the scorching days of summer and not quite cold enough for big puffers and mittens. The in-between weather is simply the best, and perfect packing weather. Spring and Autumn's weather is unbeatable in the southern hemisphere! Here is why:

Spring is one of the best time to see flowers blooming, especially the famous lupins that cover New Zealand’s amazing grounds, newborn lambs frolicking in the fields, and native birds chirping away. This could be one of the best times and the most perfect season to visit Queenstown and surroundings. Moving on to Autumn, we see a different side of New Zealand, dramatic waterfalls, moody skies with dark hues of grey and forests that suck you in with their evergreen appeal as if you feel you are stepping into the set of Lord of the Rings.

Local Hot Tip: VIsit Arrowtown in Autumn. Mother Nature’s true display of flaming beauty is unparalleled. If you are lucky enough to be travelling at the end of April, the Arrowtown Autumn Festival is a MUST! We highly recommend the Pie, Pint & Pinot Event

Be Spontaneous; because you can!

One of the beauties of travelling in the off-season is that town steps into a bit of a lull. You won’t need to worry about booking your activities well in advance or stress you might not make the bus to the next activity. You will be able to book on the fly, be spontaneous, make impulse decisions on how you are feeling that day. Perhaps, you have had a great day out with kids, and you get back to your hotel and decide to have a romantic dinner together, child-free ;) No worries, book your restaurant then and there, it won't be full, and book your babysitter last minute with no issue. As easy as that!

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Be home for the Holidays

Last but not least, travelling in the shoulder season means you won’t be travelling over the big holidays and you can be home with family over Christmas and New Year. This time of the year is always about family and coming together. Not you, your family and thousands of other people. Travelling on either side of these holidays is always a good idea, financially, emotionally, physically and for all the reasons we listed above. We truly hope this blog has given you some valuable insights into how travelling outside of the stereotypical seasons of Queenstown could really benefit your pocket and your sanity while offering your family a more connected experience to Queenstown and to each other.

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