• Babysitting Queenstown

We are happy to introduce the new owner of Babysitting Queenstown

Viviana Malfatti took over from Lucy Deuble as owner and Managing Director of the child care agency, in October 2020.

Originally from Brazil and with Italian descent, she grew up in a large family surrounded by children. Passionate for the little ones, she is Godmother to 3 sweet angels: Arwyn 8 years old, Matteo 20 months and Max 15 months.

"I was born into a very large family. My father has 11 brothers and my mother has 8 siblings. I have countless cousins and I have helped raise many of them. This is a priority in my family, when a baby is born we dedicate ourselves to help care for them".

Graduating in Public Relations from University in Brazil, she has experience in Marketing, Communications and Events. Calling Queenstown home since 2011, Viviana gained experience managing hospitality venues and hotels.

"I left my country 10 years ago to travel the world and after exploring Europe and Asia I came to New Zealand with the intention to stay just for a year. Now, I am honored to be a permanent resident, and call Aotearoa home. Working in the tourism industry has developed my communication and inter-personal skills; both are necessary when working with families to address their needs."

Viviana spent a long time deciding what the next steps in her career and life would be and how she might find work helping people. Thanks to a chance meeting with Lucy, she discovered Babysitting Queenstown and was ecstatic to take over the ownership and management of the business.

"I am so proud to be 100% fully committed to our community and this organization. Business Management is still new to me, I’m aware that there is much for me to learn, but my passion for childcare and people will drive me to improve and expand the already great services."

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