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Babysitting Queenstown

Babysitting Queenstown Booking
Terms & Conditions

Parents: please read carefully before confirming your booking:

All bookings are a 4-hour minimum.

Our rates start at:

  • for up to two children:    $35ph and $20 for booking fee

  • for up to three children: $40ph and $20 for booking fee

  • for up to four children:   $44ph and $20 for booking fee

  • for up to five children:    $48ph and $20 for booking fee

You will be informed about availability as soon as reasonably practical.

You agree to pay for the full time of the booking if you return before the agreed end time.


No repeat bookings or cancellations are to be made directly with the Babysitter (Contractor).


Payment is to be made directly in cash to your Contractor upon completion of each placement (daily).

The booking fee is payable per date booked per babysitter, always per day the service is used. The same applies for mileage fee.

You agree to provide a location that is an occupationally safe environment for the purpose of engaging a Contractor to conduct babysitting services for the entire booking period. 

​The agency will strive to provide the same sitter for multiple day bookings, however this is not guarantee. Alternative sitters may need to be placed due to reservation requests or sickness or injury of the Contractor. 


​Health & Safety Policy:

  • Please be aware that babysitting services are a close contact business, however we are taking all the steps required to ensure our team and service follows all of the government guidelines.

  • Babysitting bookings cannot proceed if either the babysitter, children, parents or anyone travelling with the family have Covid-19 symptoms. If anyone develops symptoms prior to or during the booking please advise Babysitting Queenstown straight away.

  • You agree to give consent for the Contractor providing babysitting services to your children and to administer first aid if needed in an emergency.

  • You give your consent for your child's/children's carer/babysitter to administer medicine and/or authorize medical treatment as required.


​Babysitting Queenstown enforces the following cancellation policy:

  • Within 12 hours; will incur the cost of 4 hours of the booking price.

  • Within 4 hours or a no show; will incur the full cost of the first day booked.

  • Cancellation Fees will be collected from your place of accommodation or payment must be made by bank transfer.

  • Cancellations must be made by phone call only direct to the agency and not through your Contractor or via email. This must be done between the office hours of 8.00am to 8.00pm. Cancellations made outside this time frame, will only be calculated from the following morning at 8.00am. 

  • We do not ask for an advance deposit to secure your booking, however we do ask that families commit to our cancellation policy for any cancellation reason/cause/justification. 

​​Public Holidays:

  • Special rates apply for Public Holidays, Christmas & New Year, Weddings & Events.

  • We require a minimum deposit of 50% to confirm your reservation on Public Holidays. We cannot guarantee your booking until your payment is received. Reservations and deposit are non-transferable and non-refundable.


​Mileage Fee:

Mileage rates will apply for all bookings more than 9km from central Queenstown including but not limited to - Arrowtown and surrounds, Gibbston Valley, Jacks Point, Kingston, Glenorchy and Lakeside Estates.



Whilst every endeavor has been made to evaluate the honesty, character and responsibility of your Contractor, Babysitting Queenstown acts as an agent for You, not as an employer of the Contractor. Therefore the agency accepts no liability or responsibility for accident, injury, loss, damage or misconduct sustained by your Contractor, you or any other persons.

Additional children or additional families:

Rates are provided by Babysitting Queenstown at the time of reservation. If there are non confirmed additional children or additional families, Babysitting Queenstown reserves the right to cancel the booking immediately, charge the correct fees or to send additional Contractors to the booking.

Babysitting Queenstown
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