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Babysitting Queenstown FAQ
  • Can I choose my Babysitter?
    No. We take all the hard work away from you so you can relax. We choose the best sitter suited to your booking requirements.
  • Will I have the same babysitter if I book more than one days babysitting?
    We try our absolute best to provide the same one sitter for each day. We do recommend that bookings are made in advance to ensure this. In the event of accident or illness we may have to provide another sitter to fill in if need be.
  • What is the maximum number of hours the sitter can work for?
    As many hours as you require. We do not charge penalty rates if the booking continues on after midnight. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Can we stay out longer if we wish to?
    Yes. If your sitter is available to stay longer than you are more than welcome. We only charge every 15 mins of the hour and do not round hours up.
  • Will my babysitter be able to take the children out of the hotel room?
    Yes. With your permission Queentown Babysitters will take your children out to enjoy many of the great child friendly activities on offer, whether paid of free. All paid activities must have the sitters admission paid for by the parents.
  • Can we have a sitter on the ski field?
    Yes. Whether to accompany your children skiing/snowboarding or to entertain them in the day lodge as you come and go we can cater to any request. Please note our sitters do not provide ski/snowbaord lessons.
  • We are attending a wedding, can the sitter meet us there?"
    Yes. Whether you require the sitter the entire time through the ceremony to reception dinner until you are ready to return.
  • Can I have a discounted rate if I book more than one day or long hours?
    No. Our rates are per hour that the sitter is on duty, whether for a long day, multiple days or overnight. (Overnight rates are provided on request). There are no discounted rates.
  • Can I meet the babysitter beforehand?
    If you request this as part of your booking, please state this under the “special requests” section when submitting the booking. A booking in a minimum of three hours duration. Alternatively, you can request that the sitter arrive half an hour earlier than required to allow for introductions.
  • How do I pay for the services?
    All fees are payable in cash to your sitter upon completion of the placement.
  • Is the booking fee payable per date booked per babysitter?
    Yes, the booking fee is per day the service is used.
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